We've created an entire 3D world for you to explore. But what's an adventurer without their navigation skills?

When you're looking at the world in planet-view, you can rotate it and zoom in or out by using a pinching gesture with your fingers. From this perspective, you can see where your path will eventually take you, represented by the dotted line. But in order to begin your journey, you'll need to know how to get around to different cities, regions, and continents!

Portals and Pedestals are your tools for moving about the map:
  • Portals allow you to enter a region.
  • Pedestals will bring you back out to the previous region. Continue tapping the pedestals, and it will bring you all the way back to the planet view.
No matter where you are, if you get lost and need a quick way back to your latest unlocked game, the Re-Center button is your friend.