Hey Adventurers,👋🏻we've got some exciting changes to Clans that you'll love! 😍
Tools for Clan Leaders: Clan leaders can now remove members from their clans. They can also promote clan members to "Co-Leaders".
Clan Co-Leaders: As a Clan Co-Leader, you can invite other players to join the clan. You can also remove players from the clan (excluding the leader) and favorite members of the clan (a player who is favorited will not get kicked out due to inactivity). Up to 5 Clan Co-Leaders are allowed per clan.
Clan Badges
We've added 3 new clan badges that you can attain: Imperial Crown, Diamond Royal and Diamond God! 😳
Clan Trophies
Clans who finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their league will receive a trophy commemorating their hard work! 🤝🏻
Update your game now to access these features!