Each spin made on any given machine is independent of the last, and the odds to win on a spin are completely random. The probability of winning is mathematically calibrated based on the average payouts for all players over time, not any one individual. Therefore, your experience in a game can differ vastly from another player's, even while the overall payout for all players remains consistent.

As soon as you tap spin in a game, a random result is calculated by our system and displayed to you on the reels. The chances for this result to produce a win or a loss are the same for every player, and are not affected in any way by factors such as level, balance, or what you might have won or lost on previous spins. Likewise, in no way are the results for any particular player manually influenced or controlled by us.

You may get the sense that a game feels "tight" or "loose" during any given session or day, but it is important to understand that other players' experiences can greatly differ from your own. While it can be discouraging to have a bad run of luck, it does not indicate that there is a game malfunction, or that the payouts for a game are set too low.

We pride ourselves on all of our games being fair, thrilling, and entertaining to play for long stretches of time. Each one goes through regular, rigorous testing to ensure they are functioning correctly. Remember that luck can be very unpredictable, and you never know when a huge payout is around the corner!

NOTE: Messages regarding the odds in our game will not receive a reply.
Our Customer Support team is more than happy to assist players with matters related to billing, general game help and technical support, but they cannot change the outcome of anyone's spins. All players have the same odds, and all spins in our games have the same probability of success or failure regardless of balance, time spent spinning, or any other factors.