Our "No Purchase Sweepstakes" promotion is a unique opportunity for you to earn real money prizes while playing Neverland Casino! 😍

Play Finding Neverland to find and unlock Sweepstakes Chests. Every Chest you unlock will give you a spin of our Sweepstakes Wheel where you have the opportunity to win up to $100,000 USD. 🤯

To participate in our Sweepstakes promotion, you must first register by clicking on the Sweepstakes Chest icon anywhere in the game:

Once you're registered, you'll be given 3 Sweepstakes Keys which will be used when opening your Sweepstakes Chests. You can view how many Keys you've got by clicking on your profile picture. Now, head on over to "Finding Neverland" to get started!

Once you are in "Finding Neverland", there are 3 total Sweepstakes Wheels available to be spun. You'll need to collect Neverland Coins to spin these Sweepstakes Wheels.
Neverland Coins can be obtained by completing games in Finding Neverland. You can click on the re-center icon on the map and it will take you to the current game you need to complete:
As you complete more and more games in Finding Neverland, you'll earn additional Neverland Coins.

There are a total of 27 Neverland Coins available to be collected. To view how many coins you currently have, click on your profile image on the top right, and then click on "To Neverland":

When you've collected all 9 Coins in each Chapter, you'll be able to open the matching Sweepstakes Chest. Opening the Sweepstakes Chest will result in a spin of our Sweepstakes Wheel where you will have the opportunity to win coins as well as real money prizes!

Note: Sweepstakes promotion only valid to users from Canada and US (excluding Nevada, Washington, Florida, New York and Quebec). Must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Other terms and conditions may apply.