In this tournament, players at your table work together to fill a prize meter (shown at the top of the screen) by hitting scatters. If any player gets a scatter, the meter is filled one spot, like so:

When the meter is full, everyone in the room gets free coins! Your personal payout is calculated as:

Your bet(s) which won the scatter(s) x The number of spots those bets filled on the meter x A set prize multiplier (this may vary from game to game)

Here's an example:

Tom and Jen are both playing W Scatter in Dragon Loot. The multiplier in this game is 10x.
  • Tom gets 2 scatters, which fills the meter 2 spots. He is betting 25k coins.
  • Jen gets 5 scatters, which fills the meter 5 spots. She is betting 50k coins.
The meter pays out, and their individual prizes are:
Tom: 25,000 Coins x 2 Spots filled x 10 (multiplier) = 500,000 Coins
Jen: 50,000 Coins x 5 Spots Filled x 10 (multiplier) = 2,500,000 Coins