In Team Play, join forces with another player for a tournament-style race to the finish line! Together, you and your teammate will spin as fast as possible against another team of two, and try to move through the ladder to the Grand Finals. There are no bets while spinning in a Team Play race.

Once you join the race, start tapping that spin button and watch the progress bar at the top of the game to see who's in the lead!

In the first stage, 8 teams participate in 4 races. In each race, the team that crosses the finish line first - by winning more - moves on to the next stage, where they face another winning team. The winners of the second stage races will become the Grand Finalists, and go head to head for the big prize + trophy!

You'll need to submit an entrance fee to get into a Team Play race; but if you’ve got what it takes, the rewards could be huge! You can check the entrance free and grand prize on the lobby tile before entering.

If you lose a match-up your team will be disqualified and you will lose your entry fee, so give it your all, Adventurers!