With so many ways to get free coins, it's no wonder dreams come true in Neverland. Each day, top up your balance in the following ways:
  • Collect your morning and evening bonus gifts. Just by logging into Neverland while they’re available, you could claim millions of coins twice a day! 💰
  • Every hour, claim a free WCase from the button to the left of "Social". Open them as soon as you can because there's a limit of 3 held at a time - and once you open 4 you'll get another for free! 🎁
  • By making more progress in your Journey and picking up WCases from the map! 👜

NOTE: Ensure that your push notifications are enabled so that you don’t miss a single bonus or free WCase. We'll remind you!

Of course, you can also WIN your coins by entering into Team Play games, participating in tournaments, or just getting lucky in your favorite slot! Coins are optionally available for purchase in the Shop.