Clan size starts at 5 members, but as you and your members participate in seasons, it will tier up to accommodate more people! The bigger your clan, the easier it is to dominate the leader boards.

You can invite your Neverland Casino friends, Facebook friends, or anyone you meet in the game to team up with you in a clan.

Start by opening your Clan and scrolling down the user list until you see the invite options.

Tap the +Facebook/1M button to send an invite to someone you're connected to on Facebook. This will award you and your friends with 1M Coins for every friend who decides to join!

Or, tap the +FRIEND button to select and invite your existing Neverland Casino friends into your clan.

You can also invite anyone in Neverland to join your clan! Just open their profile, where you will see the option to ”Invite to your Clan”. Tap this button and the player will receive an invitation to the clan, which they will need to accept.